Company Registration

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Tidybiz is a PSP that can register a company for you on your behalf. 


Company Name

Before you start, you need to decide on a company name.   If you don't have a name, you can use the Australian Company Number, like 123 456 789. (It's not very nice but it will work).  A company name cannot be identical with an existing company, or business name - unless you already own that business name.  The company name cannot contain certain reserved words. 
To check the availability of your proposed company name - you can do a company name search here.

After you register a company, you will get the following:

In electronic copies for your convenience.  Suitable for online storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc)
  • Official certificate of registration and ACN
  • Company officer consent forms, including address consents
  • Application for shares
  • Opening company minutes
  • Share member register
  • Other registers, including Register of Options, Register of Debentures, Register of Directors, Company Seal Register, Forms Lodged Register
  • Share certificates
  • Blank consents, share applications and share certificates
  • Constitution with Div 7A loan clauses
  • Client Copy of F201 form lodgement


Important:  Your company must register to operate a business with an Australian Business Number (ABN) as a separate process.  After your company is registered, apply for an ABN directly at this link Australian Business Register site yourself, or we can help you apply for an ABN here (extra charges apply).

Need to Know

Companies have specific responsibilities and obligations as outlined by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).   A company also has different legal, financial and record keeping responsibilities compared to other business structures.
For ASIC compliance. You need to make sure you keep company details up to date, including:

  • Officeholders Names, Addresses
  • Changes of Shareholders or shares
  • Display the company name and ABN on all business documentation and in signage and marketing material (business cards, brochures etc.)
  • For Directors (Officeholders) you must be aware of your responsibilities

Step 1. Download our Form

If you have decided that a company structure is right for your firm,
(b) complete the questionnaire,
(c) authorise the declaration on the last page.  Click the button below to start. 


Fill in the form and upload your completed document.  The form is a fillable pdf.  Alternately you can print it out, complete by hand, scan it with a scan app on your phone and go to Step 2.

Step 2. Submit Your Form