Make Anything Great Again - China, Australia, in Taree or Innaloo - see How!

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Kielholz (2018) reminds us that 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reform which has been remarkable; having overtaken multiple countries to be now second only to the US (and the gap is closing even as this document goes to the web).

China has:

  • Developed the physical infrastructure to become a world centre for economic, financial and innovation influence
  • An innovation mindset and ecosystem that wants to build environmentally-friendly, economically-developed and educated with world-class citizens.
  • Invested in an innovation environment that has research and development funding in many areas, with an understanding that not all projects will bear fruit.
  • Invested in management training that will support entrepreneurs in their startup and emerging ventures

Using Shanghai as a test environment, it is placing innovation as a top strategic goal that has the potential to make China a heavyweight tech hub of Asia.

Is any other country – that aspires to “make themselves great again” doing this?  

Me: Not ashamed.

Watch and Be.Moved.

Make Taree and Innaloo great again!

Or say it slow - In Dubbo n Taree (indubitably)


Kielholz, Walter B. (2018). A World city for Innovation ansd Entrepreneurship.  Shine. Retrieved from (Oct 28 2018)


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